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Call Of Dual Citizenship

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Ezana Ceman ’20 is an Information Systems major, Vice President of Seidenberg’s SGA, and member of the Honors College on the NYC Campus. Fun fact? She’s totally into Call of Duty.

Ezana Ceman ’20 is an Information Systems major who can usually be found on the NYC Campus. Right now, though, she’s studying in Bosnia and Herzegovina, a country where she holds dual citizenship.

Back at Pace, Ceman is well known as a member of the Pforzheimer Honors College, Public Relations co-chair for the Honors Council, Vice President and Public Relations committee member for Seidenberg’s Student Government Association, Team Lead Communicator for Seidenberg, as well as a member of the Computing Society, Women in Tech, the Cyber Security Club, and the Leadership Engagement Action Program (LEAP). In her spare time, she volunteers for ChickTech and FIRST Tech Challenge, both nonprofits dedicated to providing opportunities in STEM. She’s also an Orientation Leader! (Whew.)

We were super excited to get the chance to chat with Ceman about her academic experiences despite her jam-packed schedule.

Why did you end up choosing Pace? What set Pace apart from other universities?
I was one of those high school seniors who applied to fourteen different universities (both public and private) and a majority of them were located on the East Coast. I was born and raised in Brooklyn, so I wanted to stay somewhere close to home. I went to every open house for all the universities I was accepted to and no other institution had the same community-like feel that Pace did.

Right away, I felt welcomed by the Pforzheimer Honors College Director, Jaclyn Kopel, and the Pforzheimer Honors College Faculty Advisor, Bill Offutt, as well as Dean Jonathan Hill and Stephanie Elson, the assistant dean/recruitment and retention point person from the Seidenberg School of Computer Science and Information Systems. Everyone at Pace made me feel specialas if I was destined to go to this Universityand that aided in my decision-making progress tremendously.

How did you hear about Career Services? Were you referred by a professor or a student?
It was just this past summer that I decided to take a trip to Career Services (CS) for the first time, and let me tell you, it was a long overdue trip. I had a resume that I created based off an online template and the amount of progress I made since meeting with CS has been amazing. A fellow Orientation Leader, Olivia Fairless, referred me to CS.

Who worked with you?
The main point person I worked with in CS was the Assistant Director for Seidenberg Programs and Services, Svetlana Kotlyarenko.

What was the preparation process like?
First, I attended the basic Resume 101 workshop, which was led by Svetlana. After working on my resume for a week, I set up an individual meeting with her where we met twice—once at her office in Seidenberg and once in the CS’ space. My resume looks amazing now and it really is all thanks to Svetlana. Once I come back from my semester abroad, my next step will be to attend the Linkedln workshop that CS offers.

Of all your internships and/or work study positions, which did you like the best?
My favorite position that I have held so far was being part of the Seidenberg School of CSIS Dean’s Research and Development Team over this past summer. I was one of thirteen student members where we created an incident-reporting database for campus security and developed a pre-assignment for a two-week intensive STEM camp for high school students.

What motivates you?
My main goal over the summer working as an Orientation leader was to instill confidence in incoming freshmen and transfer students that they made the right college decision. Once I realized that I was pretty successful in showing what Pace is all about, this motivated me to go a step further. What motivates me is the fact that I have had an amazing time at Pace and I couldn’t have asked for a better year and a half. I want everybody to be able to experience the same feeling I did when I first came here, one that I still continue to have.

Why did you decide to pursue study abroad? How did you choose where you would go?
I am a travel fanatic, and back in December of my freshman year, I knew that I wanted to go abroad starting sophomore year. I went to the Study Abroad office pretty much every other week until I worked out all the details, such as where I would be residing, tuition expenses, and what classes I would be taking. I decided on the American University in Bosnia and Herzegovina (AUBiH), as I already had a personal connection to both the University and the country itself. My sister attended AUBiH for four years, and I hold dual citizenship in Bosnia and the United States, so I was able to get out of paying the US price for tuition.

What was it like being an Orientation Leader? How did that experience shape you as a professional?
Over this past summer, I was given the opportunity to live on campus and mentor the incoming freshman and transfer class(es) over nine different Orientation sessions. Summer 2OL7 was by far one of the best summers I have had to date. First, the two-week intensive training we received in the beginning of June really opened my eyes to subjects such as Title IX regulations, inclusion and diversity on campus, and all of the other services Pace offers (tutoring center, counseling, etc.).

Summer 2OL7 training shaped me as a professional. I learned everything—and I mean everything there is to know about Pace, and overall, the position taught me how to work with 21 other individuals who all possessed different personalities and working methods. I learned how to control and separate emotions from the workplace and how to approach difficult situations.

Tell us fun and/or surprising fact about you! What’s something most people don’t know?
Most people don’t know that I had a phase in high school where I wanted to be a professional Call of Duty player, which means I would play it every day for three to five hours at a time.