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Human Resources

May is Civility Awareness Month!

Human Resources is inviting the Pace community to use the YES I Make It Happen recognition program from May 1, 2019 through June 15, 2019 to recognize staff and student workers for being civility champions. Five civility champions will be randomly selected to win a pair of movie tickets.  All civility champions will receive a certificate of appreciation.  


Community Pledge

As a member of the Pace University Community, I pledge to conduct myself with dignity and respect.

I am accountable for my words and actions.

I believe in integrity.
I believe in diversity.
I believe in equality.
I believe in civility.

Pace Community Standards

  • Model the behavior you would like to see from others.
  • Speak up—do not let your silence condone disrespectful behavior.
  • Be mindful that conflict is healthy if expressed appropriately—you are not always right and others are not always wrong.
  • Be a respectful listener.
  • Remember that your tone of voice matters: It’s not what you say, it’s what others hear!
  • Consider how your use of technology (email, social media, etc.) helps or hinders a respectful work environment.
  • Make an effort to have difficult conversations in person or by telephone, not electronically.
  • Embrace a positive and solution-oriented approach to resolving conflicts or expressing complaints.
  • Show appreciation by saying please and thank you.
  • Keep in mind that kindness has a ripple effect—treat everyone with respect and consideration.