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Mail Services Department Goals

Implement a system to measure mail delivery times, which will help our department to provide a higher level of service to the community by properly indicating the correct transit times on mail pieces both internally and externally.

Based on our initial trials of the different levels of services offered, below are the estimated delivery times:

  • First Class mail which includes letters and priority mail (within tri-state): 1-2 business days
  • First Class Mail Presort which is used for discounts on letters (within tri-state): 1-3 business days
  • First Class Mail which includes letters and priority mail (to Central Florida Residential): 2-3 business days.
  • Interoffice Mail: remaining consistent with the overall established delivery goal of 95%.
    • Same Campus Delivery: 1 business day after pickup by Mail Services
    • Outside Campus Delivery Essential offices: 1 business day after pickup by Mail Services (18th Floor, OSA, Admissions, Finance, etc)
    • Outside Campus Delivery non-essential offices: 2 business days after pickup by Mail Services.

Please Note these Important Factors:

  • The overall delivery times on all USPS classes of service cannot be sped up or slowed down by our internal services. Once a mail piece (regardless of class) leaves our facility, a lot of factors go into play, which can either speed up or slow down delivery time through the USPS being that delivery times are rarely guaranteed by them.
  • For the interoffice mail, please note that the times of delivery are noted with "after pickup" by mail services. As long as the mail is placed in the outbox before Mail Services makes their morning pickups, the mail piece should be delivered based on the numbers above. However, if a piece is placed in an outbox in the afternoon, it will not be picked up until the next delivery route, which will be the next morning unless the office is deemed an "essential" office/stop.
  • For all "non-essential" offices/mail stops who may have happened to miss their morning mail pickup, there are multiple White Pace Mailboxes throughout all campuses which are opened and emptied at 3pm each day. All mail which is picked up at 3pm from these mailboxes is:
    • Sorted and processed for same day drop off at the local post office,
    • Sorted and processed for next day delivery within campus ( Interoffice/all offices),
    • Sorted and processed for next day delivery to "essential offices" (Interoffice/all campuses).

Work with the Human Resources department to set up a system which will notify our department about new employees as well as the resignation of former employees. This goal will help us to continue providing the highest service level possible in relation to sorting and processing mail.

Complete employee training

  • The Mail Services Chargeback System ensures that our department will be able to recover monthly postage costs from multiple areas in the University. In order to make sure the chargebacks are on completed on time, the mail services staff will be trained on the complete chargeback process and the importance of the process.
  • Throughout the past year, we have purchased and updated much, if not all, of our mail services technology. Our goal is to complete advance training on all of the machines with all of our employees.