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Facilities & Capital Projects

Physical Plant

Our mission is to create and maintain an attractive, comfortable and safe environment that is conducive to higher education and living. To do so in a manner which is pleasing to the academic as well as the local community, prolonging the useful life of all equipment, buildings and their contents with sound fiscal responsibility within the financial resources provided.

Facilities Management Operations and Maintenance Team

Responsible for the Operation and Maintenance of all of Pace University's properties. Using a combination of university employees and contractors we provide for the daily cleaning, maintenance, and operations of the University’s Physical Plant.

Construction Management

Energy Management

Space Management

Project Management

Completed Capital Projects

Alfred R. Goldstein Laboratories – The multi-year project began in fiscal year 2014 with the renovations of a biology and an inorganic chemistry laboratories. In fiscal year 2015 renovations were accelerated from the result of a generous gift by Mr. Alfred R. Goldstein. The main entrance to the science lab suite and the core service areas were renovated along with a new biology lab. Two additional biology and two chemistry laboratories are under construction and slated to be complete for the start of classes on September 3, 2015.

Multi-year project to be completed in five years *as per diagram below

2 Biology Labs -Under construction-Phase III

2Chemistry Labs-Under Construction-Phase III

Fiscal Year 2016 (click on link to view pictures)

Fiscal Year 2015

Fiscal Year 2014

Fiscal Year 2013

Fine Arts – 41 Park Row - An expansion of the Arts Department was completed on the 3rd and 12th floors of 41 Park Row. New traditional dark rooms, a digital lab classroom, a photo shooting studio, and a photo and film classroom were constructed.

Performing Arts Center (PDF) - 140th Williams Street-The building provides signature space for the School of Performing Arts. This renovation was a gut rehabilitation project to provide the Performing Arts program with new dance studio (PDF), sound room (PDF), prop construction room and costume design space.

Upcoming Projects

33 Beekman Student Dorm (PDF) *To be completed August 2015

Information about some of the completed construction projects

Past Construction Related Projects

Publishing Lab @ Midtown Center- 8Th Floor
This lab was converted from Window based computers to MAC based computer lab to meet the need of new technological advancements in the Publishing industry. This lab is mostly used by graduate students as well as executives from China & other Asian countries. This project required replacement of about 30 work station furniture as well as replacement of computer machines.

Faculty Lounge Improvements @ 1 Pace Plaza, 3Rd Floor
A new faculty lounge was created with the entire lounge including carpeting, new flooring , painting, lockers, toilets improvements & furniture replacement.

Classroom Chair Replacement Project:
This project involved replacement of approximetley 150 chairs within four classroom at 1 Pace Plaza, room numbers are: W601, W602, W603A, W603B.

163 William Street
Renovations were completed on the 5th and 6th floors to relocate the speech pathology program with the College of Health professions. The 10th floor was renovated for the Oasis program to have all continuous floors for the School of Education.

Present Projects

33 Beekman Street Dorm Furniture
This project is underway, installation of furniture for about 384 dorms rooms (approx. 766 beds) – mattresses and signages for the entire building including mechanical areas and egress and moreover purchasing of floor lamps for all the dorm rooms.

International Program Relocation
This unit was located at 1 Pace Plaza, 2nd floor occupying spaces at three scattered areas and now they will be consolidated on one centralized facility at 163 William Street, 16th floor. Annfiera is the project manager.