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There’s no better way to prepare for the real world than by living in it.

Pace University prides itself on its broad range of professional opportunities. Whether you’re interested in an internship, joining a business organization, competing at a national conference, working alongside a professor on groundbreaking research, or taking a field study across the globe, Pace can make it happen.


The Lubin Professional Experience (LPE) is a dynamic new co-curricular program introduced in September 2013 for Lubin students in Pleasantville. It provides a uniquely integrated educational experience in and out of the classroom that incorporates professional work in fields related to students’ academic and career goals. The LPE at PLV builds on Pace’s outstanding internship program, which is the largest in the New York Metropolitan Area, and Lubin’s experience in integrating real-world practical experiences into the classroom.

Beginning with the fall 2013 entering class, all Lubin students enrolled in Pleasantville will complete the Lubin Professional Experience Program as a requirement for graduation. This structured and integrated approach to educating students for careers in business will enable Lubin students to have career-relevant professional experiences while pursuing their business degrees and be prepared to enter the workforce upon graduation. The LPE includes the following three requirements:

1. One Career Course: All students will take BUS 255, Professional Planning and Practice for Internships and Careers, a one-credit course dedicated to professional skills development focusing on career preparation through interpersonal communication, resume development, interviewing skills, professional behavior, networking, and excellence in job performance.

2. Professional Behavior Standards promoted and practiced in all Lubin classes.

3. Two Required Professional Experiences: Students are required to complete two Professional Experiences. One must be an approved on or off campus internship or on-campus work experience. Students may choose to fulfill the second professional experience by completing one of the following:

• LPE Qualifying Course. These are courses offered by Lubin departments which provide students with hands on practical experience and are usually in the students’ major field.

• LPE qualifying co-curricular activity. These may include leadership roles in student organizations, participation in the Setter’s Leadership Program, or serving as an Orientation Leader.

• Second internship on- or off-campus or on-campus work experience.

Learn more about this program by watching Dean Neil Braun speak in this YouTube video.