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Career Preparation

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There’s no better way to prepare for the real world than by living in it.

Pace University prides itself on its broad range of professional opportunities. Whether you’re interested in an internship, joining a business organization, competing at a national conference, working alongside a professor on groundbreaking research, or taking a field study across the globe, Pace can make it happen.


At most schools, funded research is reserved for graduate or doctoral students. At Pace, it’s for everyone.

For more than 100 years, research has been a cornerstone of the Pace University educational experience and the growth of the institution over time. Pace houses a world-renowned and accomplished faculty who bring their wealth of knowledge and expertise to our students. All these years later, research at Pace remains at the forefront. In FY 2013, faculty received more than $10.3 million in grants from prominent external sources. For much of the faculty conducting research, a large portion of their work is student-driven; allowing undergraduate and graduate students to do cutting-edge research, gain publication credits, and experience conferences and poster sessions first hand. “Getting this real-world experience puts [the students] head and shoulders above the crowd,” says Assistant Professor of Biology and faculty mentor Andrew Wier, PhD. Here are just a few of the ways faculty is sponsoring research at Pace:

Center for Undergraduate Research Experiences

Under the direction of Maria Iacullo-Bird, PhD, CURE provides leadership, coordination, and support to student-faculty research collaborations, grant-funded research projects and programs, and opportunities for service learning. CURE is part of Dyson College’s efforts to innovatively enhance the quality of the undergraduate experience. At the same time CURE also evolved from Pace University’s membership in the Council for Undergraduate Research (CUR), a national organization of over 900 colleges and universities whose mission is to “support and promote high-quality undergraduate student-faculty collaborative research and scholarship.”

Undergraduate Student-Faculty Research Program

Now in its third year, the Undergraduate Student-Faculty Research Program allows faculty and undergraduate students with similar interests to work together on a research project throughout the academic year. A small stipend is granted to each pair and an end-of-year showcase on each campus recognizes all research initiatives through formal presentations and poster sessions. Two overall winning pairs are awarded funding towards national conference expenses. Past recipients include researching the development of the brain and sense of smell of zebrafish; building and studying the potential uses of quadcopters (drones); TB, mycobacteria and vaccination development; pairing horror stories with web-based artwork; and campus-wide environmentalism and understanding Pace’s sustainability initiatives through its dining halls. “I plan on continuing my research into the problems associated with food waste by traveling to San Francisco over the summer to shoot footage for my documentary film. I firmly believe that conducting interdisciplinary research is crucial before taking any initiative,” says student-researcher AliReza Vaziri. “This research project has had a significant impact on my experience at Pace University. I do believe that this research has made me a stronger candidate for the GreenPace Sustainability Award and the Jefferson Community Service Award, both of which I received this year.”

Pforzheimer Honors College Research Grants

The Pforzheimer Honors College Research Grants are designed to support and encourage Honors College students in research. Students devise and undertake worthy research projects in collaboration with Pace University faculty mentors. The stipend, up to $1,000, may be used on or off campus to pay for expenses or travel abroad related to the student’s research interest. This award is intended to foster a culture of undergraduate student research at Pace that both enhances student learning and engages larger numbers of faculty members in guiding students in research.

Faculty Research Days

At the suggestion of Provost Uday Sukhatme, ScD, the Office of Sponsored Research and the Faculty Research Planning Committee has organized these exciting two days in Westchester and NYC to increase importance of research and scholarship in all aspects of academic life at Pace. In 2013, more than 150 research and scholarly presentations were offered on both campuses.