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Career Preparation

Get Experience

There’s no better way to prepare for the real world than by living in it.

Pace University prides itself on its broad range of professional opportunities. Whether you’re interested in an internship, joining a business organization, competing at a national conference, working alongside a professor on groundbreaking research, or taking a field study across the globe, Pace can make it happen.


Another common myth: “All jobs and careers require specific majors.” Many students think there is a direct relationship between their future career and their college major, but not every major translates directly into one specific job or career. In most cases, there is not one specific major required to enter a career field. Employers who are hiring graduating seniors look for well-rounded individuals with good transferable skills and relevant experience.

Knowing what you want to be "when you grow up" or deciding which degree or course of study to pursue can be a daunting question at first. As most of us will spend the greater part of our adult life engaged in some form of work, mapping out our career pursuits is an essential process requiring thought and effort.  Satisfaction and success will be the reward for those who do.

The key to career satisfaction is knowing what kind of work and activities give you pleasure and are a good fit with your personality, skills and values. Basing your career decisions on employment trends alone, or salary potential, without adequate exploration, could lead to unhappiness and dissatisfaction.

Pace University Career Services Career Profiles

Information on various majors. Career overview, occupational opportunities, potential employers, websites, and more are available here. Additional career profiles available:

·       Accounting

·       Anthropology

·       Communications

·       Criminal Justice

·       CSIS

·       Economics

·       English

·       Finance

·       History

·       Human Resources

·       Liberal Arts

·       Marketing

·       Mathematics

·       Performing Arts

·       Political Science

·       Psychology

·       Sociology

For more majors, check out the Center for Academic Excellence’s What can I do with this major?

Explore Majors and Careers Using Our Three Step Process

STEP 1: Self Assessment

Examine your skills and achievements, evaluate your interests and what's important to you, understand your personality and preferences.

Define Your Particular Work Style Preferences
Consider using one of the career assessment tools available by appointment with Career Services.

Examine Past Experiences, Skills, and Achievement

·     Career Key
·     Career One Stop
·     O*NET (Occupational Informational Network)

Understand Your Personality Type and How It Affects Your Job Choice

·      Keirsey Temperament Sorter II


STEP 2: Research and Investigation
Gathering information about occupations can be done from a variety of sources:

Career Information Websites by Major/School

·       College of Health Professions

·       Dyson College of Arts and Sciences

·       Lubin School of Business

·       School of Education

·       Seidenberg School of Computer Science and Information Systems

Additional external resources include the Bureau of Labor Statistics,, Career Project, Informational Interview, New York State Department of Labor,, and more.

Step 3: Trying Out Careers

Gaining experience and exposure to various careers is extremely valuable when making career decisions. There are several ways to obtain hands-on experience including completing an internship, volunteering in community organizations, getting involved in campus activities related to interests, study abroad, and work in a part-time or summer job.