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Cuba’s Crossroads (PLV)

News Story

From campus to Cuba to the Jacob Burns Film Center, students filmmakers in the Producing the Documentary course invite you to the premiere of “Cuba's Crossroads—Hope, Rock and [R]Evolution” on May 10.

After months of studying and preparing, a week in Cuba, an exceptionally exhausting journey home, and long nights in the editing room, the students of this year’s Producing the Documentary course are ready to share their final product with us. Cuba’s Crossroads—Hope, Rock and [R]Evolution will premiere at the Jacob Burns Film Center on Tuesday, May 10, at 7:00 p.m. A Q&A with the student filmmakers and professors Maria Luskay, EdD, and Andrew Revkin will follow the premiere.

About the Film:
Cuba’s Crossroads–Hope, Rock and [R]Evolution, the sixth in a series of films on sustainability issues by Pace University students and professors, provides an intimate snapshot of life on this Caribbean island at a remarkable juncture—between dictatorship and freedom, propaganda and the World Wide Web, suspicion and hope.

Over the course of one remarkable week in early spring, the governments of Cuba and the United States cautiously let down their guard, offering a glimpse of what normal relations might look like between nations separated by less than 100 miles of sea, but long divided by clashing ideologies and Cuba’s totalitarian leadership.

The film takes viewers from Cuba’s unspoiled beaches to an organic farm supplying the mint for Havana mojitos, from its historic streets and self-sufficient neighborhoods to the throngs at a Rolling Stones show. Interviews with Cuban citizens and scholars, visiting tourists, and eager American businessmen convey the array of hopes and concerns related to the expansion of trade with the United States in both goods and ideas.

But there are abundant signs of irreversible momentum. As the Rolling Stones show kicked into gear, Mick Jagger, in British-tinged Spanish, yelled, “Finalmente, los tiempos están cambiando.” “The times are changing!”

Film Credits:
>>Executive Producers and Directors: Maria T. Luskay and Andrew Revkin
>>Directors of Photography: Junlei Cai, Heidi Clorofilla, Greg DiRoma, Lesley Donelan, Dawei Dong, Jonathan Forsgren, Danielle Garnes, Joseph Gonzalez, Andre Infante, Tianjin Ji, Jordan Matthews, Jing Ning, Nicholas Ostrander, Cassie Pacenka, and Anthony Rueda
>>Editors: Greg DiRoma, Jordan Matthews, and Cassie Pacenka
>>Assistant Editors: Junlei Cai, Heidi Clorofilla, Lesley Donavan, Dawei Dong, Jonathan Forsgren, Danielle Garnes, Joseph Gonzalez, Andre Infante, Tianjin Ji, Jing Ning, Nicholas Ostrander, and Anthony Rueda

Student tickets are available online for $9, with student ID required at admission. Click here for more information and to purchase non-member student tickets.