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Committees Are Calling (NYC)

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Join a Student Government Association committee and get a say in decision-making, programming for students, speak up for commuters, and much more!

Now’s the perfect time to get involved with the New York City Campus’ Student Government Association (SGA-NYC), a group of elected students that serve as a liaison between administrators and students. Their goal is to provide students with a resource to voice their complaints, plan events, start clubs and gain the college experience that they deserve! If you want to join forces with like-minded people and affect change at Pace, joining an SGA-NYC committee might be right up your alley.

Commuter Committee: Create a community for commuters. For more information, e-mail .

Dyson Advisory Council: Be a voice for Dyson College. For more information, e-mail

Judicial Council: Help craft the legislation that governs Pace. For more information, e-mail

Library Renewal Committee: Think it’s time for a library makeover? This one’s for you. For more information, e-mail

Public Relations Committee: Spread the word about what’s going on within SGA—elections, nominations, events, presentations…you name it. For more information, e-mail

Student Technology Fee Committee: Want to know where your tech fee is going? Join this committee to get the answer and help in the decision-making process. For more information, e-mail