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Housing Westchester

Pop Culture and Media

Students who are interested in movies, music, books, graphic design, and other forms of media. Students in this community will look at popular media and how it affects our culture and society.

Derek Wills -
Residence Director

Eric Alonzo, Steve Nahow, Karennys Espinosa
Resident Assistants

Paul Ziek
Faculty Partner

FIG Lounge: Alumni 426


Pop-Culture and Media Testimonials

Joanne Nevares-Cardoso

Being a part of the Pop Culture and Media FIG really helped me expand my friendships and interests. Although I am a business major, I do hold alot of interest in how media affects my current culture and society. The events held in this FIG were very educational and fun!

Shannon Gamble-McWhite

At first, I didn't think a FIG would make a difference. To me, it just made sense to choose Pop Culture and Media because I'm a communications major. However,  I realized how FIG played a huge role in my freshman year here at Pace. My FIG actually gave me a head-start in taking a class about media. A preview of the class was presented right in the lobby. I'm glad to say I'll be taking the class next semester. My FIG made it possible for me to meet other students who have similar career interest as me. It also allowed me to meet people who have other interests that I have, such as music, movies, and television shows. This made it a lot easier for me to make all these great friends that I have made this semester.


  • Speaker series with topics about media and perception of the certain groups in contemporary media
  • Discussion of class offerings that relate to communications, pop-culture and media
  • Movie, music and other media viewings and participation